Answers to Your TracFone Prepaid Wireless Questions

You're researching the TracFone Prepaid Wireless service, but all you can seem to find is advertisements (like the one below). What you really want, however, is honest answers to honest questions.

Are the claims made in the TracFone advertisements true? How well does the TracFone prepaid cellular service really work? How much does their wireless service really cost? Where can I find the best deal on a TracFone phone or airtime card? I wish I had a friend who owns one who would explain it all to me!

Your wish has been answered! Hi, my name is Keith Tyndall, and I was looking for answers to those very same questions when I was doing my research on TracFones. I couldn't find a website that could help, so I decided to create one!

Maybe you are new to prepaid cell phones and don't quite understand how it all works yet. If so, read this email from someone else who visited my site:

"Hello Keith,
You are an answer to prayer! I've been wanting to get a cell phone, but didn't understand all the wireless "lingo"! So I called my brother-in-law who works for Sprint ... and you can imagine how helpful he was. >:-| Then I went to the editor of my local newspaper and asked if they could do a comparison of local wireless services in layman's terms ... that was months ago and I haven't seen anything yet. :( Then I found your website! It's so great that you did all that work just to be nice to total strangers who you'll never meet! :) Sometimes I wish I could call ahead to someone who's expecting me -- to tell them just how late I'll be (trust me ... they probably already know I'll be late). Or I'd like to call home if I'm picking up something for dinner, to see which restaurant my family would prefer that I go to. Since I don't plan on using a cell phone too often, I think TracFone is the best option for me, too. Thanks for your website Keith!! :)"

Aawww shucks, Paula, thanks for the kind words!

Some of you probably already know all about prepaid cell phones and are just looking for a great deal on a phone or airtime. If that's you, then read this email I received from another visitor to my site:

"Hi Keith,
I read your website about cell-phones, having already decided on Tracfone, but you provided some good info that I hadn't yet come across. I'll be buying one today... Thanks."

You see, even though Eric had already decide to buy a TracFone, he still found some useful information on my site.

So take some time to explore my site and learn more about the service. If you're still not sure if TracFone is for you, then start by checking out my full review to learn more about how the service has worked for me.

Who knows, you might accidentally learn something!

You'll probably still have a few questions, so visit my Q&A page for my answers to real questions that I have received from other researchers just like you.

When you've decided that TracFone is right for you, then go to my Where to Buy page for links to where to find the best deals on TracFone phones and airtime cards.

Maybe you already own a TracFone and are having a problem with the service. If so, then go to my Help Me! page for advice on the best way to work with the TracFone customer service.

But whatever you do, I hope you find my website useful!


PS - Although I have seen it spelled tracphone, trac phone, trac fone, trackphone, track phone, trackfone, track fone, tractphone, or tract phone, the actual proper spelling is TracFone!
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