TracFone Reception


"Hi Keith,

The tracfone sounds great but how is the reception in general. I know conditions and areas make a difference but just in general is the quality acceptable? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.



TracFone doesn't actually own any of their own cellular towers, but they lease airtime from local providers all over the country. In my area they use Alltel, so around here at least, the reception with a TracFone and an Alltel phone should be identical because they are using the same towers.

I know that they also use Verizon and Cingular in many areas, and the same logic would apply.

Overall, I have not heard of any complaints about the reception on TracFone phones. Actually, the fact that you can get reception almost anywhere that cellular service is available is a big selling point.

I have taken mine to my fishing cabin and was able to get a signal even down in the river valley. Talking on a cell phone, however, is generally not the best method to use for catching more fish!

Like Gail said, conditions and areas make a difference, but my TracFone's reception has generally been pretty good.

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