TracFone Ringtones

"How do I get free TracFone ringtones?" has to be one of the most common Tracfone questions I see on the internet. To be honest, I am perfectly satisfied with the Chopin piece that is one of the standard ringers on my TracFone, but since this seems to be such a hot topic, I decided to do some legwork and figure out some tips and techniques for finding and adding ringtones to your TracFone phone, preferably for free!

TracFone Ringtones directly from TracFone

Click here to read how I downloaded TracFone ringtones directly from TracFone.

The easiest, safest, and most convenient way to get your ringtones, is to buy them directly from TracFone. Yes, I know that "buy" seems to be a dirty word when it comes to ringtones, but they only cost the equivalent $2 to $4 if you pay with minutes, which isn't terribly expensive in today's world.

One big advantage from buying your ringtone directly from TracFone is that they have very specific directions on how to download the ringers for each phone that is capable of downloading them. Just having good, specific directions right at your fingertips is worth a few dollars to me any day.

Remember, though, that not all TracFones are capable of downloading ringtones directly from TracFone. You can click here to go to the TracFone website where you can enter your zipcode to find the phones available in your area.p>

Roll the mouse pointer over the Buy Phones and More button at the top of the page and then click on the Data Services dropdown, and then select the big Ringtones button with the music notes.

Clicking on the ringtones button will pop open an area of the screen with the names and pictures of all their phones that support downloadable ringtones. Clicking on the picture of the phone will take you to the page with detailed instructions on how to download ringtones for that phone, when you're buying the ringtone from TracFone.

It sounds kind of confusing, but it's not really once you see it on their website. If you have an older TracFone, I strongly suggest that you upgrade your phone, even if you're going to try to get ringtones from a 3rd party site. I know that, for instance doesn't support ringtones for older TracFones anymore, and the ringtones for the older phones didn't sound good anyway.

Click here to read how I downloaded TracFone ringtones directly from TracFone.

But I want Free TracFone Ringtones!

OK, so let's say that you are diametrically opposed to actually paying for a ringtone, or TracFone doesn't have the ringer that you want. Fortunately, it is possible to get free TracFone ringtones.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the only way to get mp3 ringtones for your TracFone is to buy them from TracFone. TracFone disables the usb data transfer on their phones, and they limit the internet access to only go to their services, so there’s no way to get an mp3 tone transferred to your TracFone other than buying it from TracFone.

I was able to get a free polyphonic (or midi) tone to the Motorola W376g TracFone from, but it wouldn’t work with the mp3 (or realtone) tones.

Click here for my experience downloading free TracFone ringtones from Crostel.

Is this legal?

The law on whether it is legal to download free ringtones to your cell phone is a bit murky. I googled “ringtone legal issues” and now I’m only slightly less confused than before.

I’m no lawyer and don’t take this as legal advice, but from I can understand, if you already own the music, you should be OK to download a ringtone of that music.

If you like the music well enough to make it your ringtone, then just go ahead and buy the full song, and let your mind rest easy!

I honestly don’t understand the people who think that they should never have to pay for any music or ringtones, but that’s a whole other debate. :-)


Like I said before, the safest, easiest, and most assuredly legal way to download a TracFone ringtone is to simply buy one from TracFone. Plus, that’s currently the only way I know of to download a mp3 ringtone to your TracFone.

Click here to read how I downloaded TracFone ringtones directly from TracFone.

If you are satisfied with a polyphonic or midi ringtone, then you can use free sites like Crostel to download free TracFone ringtones. Just be aware of the potential legal issues.

Click here for my experience downloading free TracFone ringtones from Crostel.

Enjoy your new ringtones!