Where to Find TracFone Reviews and Other Research Resources

The TracFone advertisements make it all look easy, but how well does the service work in real life? You've come to the right place to find out!

If you do an internet search on TracFone, you will find lots of pages with links to where you can buy a phone, but what you want to know is how well their prepaid wireless service really works.

To help you out, I've written a detailed review about my experience with the service and how my cell phone has worked for me. Click here to read Keith's TracFone Review. Of course, as wonderful as my review might be, I'm not the only person who has written a review on the net!

One good source to check out is Epinions.com where you will find several well-written reviews about the pros and cons of the Tracfone service. If you register with Epinions, you can even write your own review!

Another source of good information is the "groups" feature on Yahoo. It can be a little tricky to find, but what you want to do is to go to Yahoo.com and look for the "groups" link in the "Connect" section.

Clicking on that link will take you to a page where you can do a search to see a list of the pertinent groups. I have found that the "tracfoneusers" has the most activity, so you will want to start by reading the messages there.

To see a long list of letters with compliments and complaints, check out PlanetFeedback.com. It seems that TracFone does monitor this site, so if you ever do have a complaint, you can post it here to get their Executive Resolutions department working on your problem.

The Executive Resolutions department is staffed with top-notch customer service reps who will get your problem solved fast. You can read more about dealing with customer service on my Help Me! page.

If you aren't cross-eyed from reading about prepaid cell phones yet, you can always click here to go to the TracFone section on Amazon.com. You can buy phones and airtime cards on Amazon, but they also have customer ratings and reviews that might of interest while doing your research.

Here's one more source with some info on Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phone(s) along with other prepaid phones.

Of course, if you are a real glutton for punishment, you can always do an internet search for terms like "tracfone complaint" or "tracfone review". You could spend untold hours sifting through all of the pages that will be returned!

Please remember, however, that the internet is a wide-open and unregulated place, so you never know who it is that wrote some of the postings you might read.

TracFone has over 3 million customers now, so yes, doing an internet search will return some complaints about their service. It's interesting to me how quickly people rush to the internet to write about a problem they have had with a company, but they never seem to get around to writing about how the problem was fixed!

Before you get too worked up over reading internet postings, just keep in mind that the vast majority of customers never have any problems at all, and if you ever do have a problem, you can read my "Help Me!" page for tips on the best way to deal with customer service.

If you just HAVE to do even more research, then you might try doing an interet search on alternate spellings such as tracphone, trac phone, trac fone, trackphone, track phone, trackfone, track fone, tractphone, or tract phone.

Whew! If you read through all of the resources I've listed here, you will undoubtedly have very bloodshot eyes along with a good idea of whether or not TracFone is right for you.

Happy Researching!

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