In the Everglades!

by Will Powter
(Lake Worth, Florida)

I was driving in the dead zone between Miami and Naples and no one in the car could get a signal on their phone. No one but me!

I couldn't believe it, but my cheap little Tracfone was able to receive a call from my girlfriend, no problem!

My friends like to bust my chops about having a TracFone but after that, they stopped. Ha!

Love my Tracfone. Great value... and coverage!

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Nov 24, 2011
Full signal strength in Ft. Myers. NEW
by: Ol-Jerr

I live in Fort Myers, FL. and always get a full bar of signal strengt. Love my little Trac-Phone.

Nov 11, 2011
SIM card vs non-SIM
by: Anonymous

Glad to know that since my family will be taking a trip from Miami to Naples in Dec. I wonder if your tracfone has a SIM card. In Southeast VA, my V60i tracfone gets reception anywhere but my other 2 tracfones don't get reception inside my own house! I was told that SIM card phones use AT&T and I have very spotty reception in my area. But, a phone without SIM card uses Singular and I have always had reception with the non-SIM phone!

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