Free TracFone Ringtones From

In my quest to find free TracFone ringtones, I saw recommended a few different times, so I decided to check it out. Crostel claims to provide free TracFone ringtones, but can they deliver? Yes and no.

Yes, you can get free polyphonic or midi ringtones to your TracFone from Crostel, but no you can’t get mp3 ringtones. In fact, the only way I have found to get mp3 tones to a TracFone is to buy them directly from TracFone.

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Free Polyphonic TracFone Ringtones From

I created an account using the phone number for my Motorola W376g TracFone. After logging in, I followed the instructions to send a test message to my phone. The test message arrived a couple minutes later, and it contained a small white Crostel graphic and a web address.

I clicked on the menu button on my phone and selected Go To URL. The browser opened and deducted 0.5 airtime minutes from the phone, but it gave a 403 Forbidden error.

This is the reason why you can’t get mp3 ringtones to your phone other than buying them from TracFone. They lock down the internet access to other sites, which is unfortunate.

The instructions on Crostel said that since I could see the white icon in the text message, that I should be able to at least get free polyphonic or midi tones from them, since they can be sent as part of a text message.

In Crostel lingo a polyphonic tone is called a Ringtone, while an mp3 tone is called a Realtone. So you can get the Crostel Ringtones to your TracFone, but not the Realtones.

I did a search on Star Wars and found that the Imperial March was available as a Ringtone. I listened to the clip, and it sounded pretty good, and I finally figured out that I was supposed to click on the little phone icon under the tone’s name to initiate the process of sending the tone to your phone.

The text message arrived in a few minutes, and it cost 1 airtime minute to receive the message, and the browser had to open to download the tone, which cost another 0.5 airtime minutes for the download time.

I could play the tone directly from the text message, and it still sounded good, so I pressed the menu button on the phone, and I had to scroll down to select Save Content to store the tone. It was a midi file.

I then went to the main menu again and selected Multimedia and then Sounds and selected Additional Storage Device to find the tone. The default ringtones that came with the phone and the tones I bought directly from TracFone were all in the Preloaded & Downloaded Media Files section.

I selected the Imperial March, hit menu, and selected Apply as Ringtone to activate it as my TracFone ringtone. A quick test call to my phone confirmed that it had all worked as advertised.

Later, I repeated the same process with Amazing Grace, just to make sure that I could, and it worked again with no problems. Again, this was a Crostel Ringtone, not a Realtone.

MP3 TracFone Ringtones from Crostel

Even though the Crostel website said that based on the test text message they sent I couldn’t get Realtones (mp3 ringtones), I decided to try anyway.

I found that the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka was a Realtone, so I selected it. When the text message arrived, I opened it , which cost 1 airtime minute, and then I selected download, which burned another 0.5 airtime minutes downloading the file.

I got the file, but the phone gave me an error message: “the file format is not supported by this handset.” Rats. I could try to play the file, but nothing happened.

Hoping that this was a fluke or just a bad file on Crostel, I tried again with Sweet Home Alabama, which my brother sang at his wedding reception, but that’s another story. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to wow my brother with my impeccable ringtone taste, because I got the same error message with this one. Foiled again.


The Crostel website is a little confusing, and I found that some of the features didn’t quite work. For instance, some ringtones wouldn’t play anything when I clicked to listen to them on the site to see if it was something I wanted to download.

Also, I found that the search function had an annoying glitch. Basically, it would only show me one page of search results, no matter how many pages it said it found. If I would click to go to the next page of results, it just showed the first page again.

You can, however, use Crostel to get free TracFone ringtones, as long as they are polyphonic or midi, sent to your TracFone via text message, so a couple little annoyances can be overlooked. You do have to enter your cell phone number when registering. They say they will keep that info private, and I have no reason to disbelieve them, but use your own judgment here.

Crostel does have mp3 ringtones, but Tracfone only allows mp3 tones to be downloaded from their own site, so the mp3 tones on Crostel won‘t do you much good. Still, if you are satisfied with a polyphonic ringtone for your phone, you can definitely get free TracFone ringtones at