The best TracFone deals on phones and airtime minutes.

Buying a TracFone prepaid wireless phone or airtime card? Learn where to find special money-saving offers and special deals. Don't pay more than you have to!

First, though, if you're still not quite sure if TracFone is right for you, then click here to read my detailed review of their service. If you're in a hurry and are ready to buy now, then click here to go to the TracFone online store. If you already have a phone and are looking to find good prices on TracFone airtime cards, then click here to go to my TracFone Airtime page. If you want to find the most up to date TracFone promo codes, coupons, deals, and other news that I have come across, then click here to go to my TracFone blog.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn about more ways to find special offers and deals.

Available at tens of thousands of retail locations and thousands of websites, Tracfones areeasy to find. But the sheer number of places they're available makes it frustratingly difficult to know if you're getting the best price.

My goal with this page is to help you cut through the clutter and find a great deal on yournew phone and airtime.

Let's start with the internet. If you do an internet search and visit some websites, you will quickly find that probably 99% of the ads you see will point you to the TracFone Store (click here to go there yourself).

So you can save a lot time by not having to sort through all of the hundreds and hundreds of little websites that just have ads that will all link you to the same place.

As a rule of thumb, if the website has a name you've never heard of before, it's very likely that they are not selling the phones themselves, but only running ads.

As it turns out, however, the TracFone Store is the best place to start your shopping, which is one reason why it's so popular! They are almost always running some sort of special offers with phones and airtime, which can make the total cost much more attractive.

You're going to have to buy the airtime anyway, so it really helps when they offer special deals when buying the phone and airtime together.

In addition, I have learned of a little trick that can help you save even more at the TracFone Store. What you do is add all of the items you want to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Go ahead and enter your shipping and credit card info and click the "checkout" button.

Before finalizing your order click the back arrow on your browser, and sometimes a window will popup with a special incentive for you to go ahead and complete your order.

This incentive window may not always come up, so if you see it once, you probably should take advantage of the offer right then! The incentives change all the time, but usually it's either an extra discount on your order or a free accessory for your phone.

Like I said, the incentive window doesn't always come up, but it doesn't hurt to try!

If the TracFone Store doesn't have an offer to your liking, then there are a few other websites to visit to continue your shopping.

Most people only think of books and music when it comes to, but did you know that they also sell all kinds of other items, including TracFones? Yep, and since they are an independent retailer, their offers and prices and selection will be different from the websites that are just running ads, which makes it a good place to compare prices.

Currently, Amazon does not charge sales tax in most states and you get free shipping on orders over $25, which makes their total cost more attractive.

Another good place to comparison shop is The Wal Mart website doesn't have the best selection of phones, but they do have very good prices.

No conversation about shopping on the internet would be complete without mentioning the online auction site You can certainly find a multitude of phones, airtime cards, and accessories on Ebay, but I'm not convinced that you are able to get a particulary good deal in most cases.

Many of the popular items will get bid up to nearly retail prices, and you must make certain that you know the shipping being charged by the seller as it can sometimes be high.

Furthermore, if the seller is from another part of the country, you may have to have your phone reprogrammed so that it won't be in roaming in your local area. This can be done, but it adds to the hassle factor.

If you're a big Ebay fan, you might want to buy your phone there, but when you figure in the total cost, you will likely find that one of sites mentioned above will have just as good of a deal without the hassle.

Of course, if you are in hurry to get your phone, you can buy it at a local retailer. The phones and airtime are available at thousands of locations, and if you go to you will find a list of retailers scrolling along the bottom of the home page.

The prices are pretty similar between the different retailers, but if you check the sale bills, you will sometimes find a store that is running a special offer. Occassionally I will see a store that is offering free accessories with the purchase of a phone.

As with any other product, the biggest advantage of buying local is that you can have it now and not have to wait for shipping. Also, it's easier to take it back on the rare occasion that the phone is defective somehow.

Do not, however, expect to get any kind of technical help from an employee at one of the local retailers. After reading through this website, you will know much more about the service than they do!

So where did I buy my phone? I bought my phone from a local Staples store because I was in a hurry, and I got a free accessory kit. I bought Amy's phone and my Mom's phone from the TracFone Store , which is also where Amy's parents and her Grandma bought their phones.

I hope that the advice on this page helps you to find a good deal on your new TracFone in the quickest time and with the least hassle.

Happy Shopping!

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