TracFone Prepaid Wireless
Questions and Answers

As a result of running this TracFone website, I get questions about the service. All kinds of questions. What I started noticing, however, is that some questions come up more than once.

So rather than sending out the same answers over and over, I decided to create this Questions & Answers page so that you can find your answer faster, without having to wait for an email reply from me.

All the questions on this page are based on real questions from visitors to my site, and perhaps your question is answered here as well.

Even if you don't really have a question right now, take the time to browse through these questions and answers. You'll might just learn something new about your TracFone!

Just click on any of the questions below to be taken to a page with my detailed answer:

How is the reception on TracFone phones?

Does TracFone have coverage in my area?

Can I buy a TracFone in one state for use in another state?

Can I change my TracFone local calling area if I move?

Do I have to buy a TracFone phone to use the TracFone service?

Do I have to buy a TracFone airtime card to add minutes to my TracFone phone?

How can I get free TracFone units?

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