TracFone Promotional Codes

TracFone promotional codes are a great way to get free TracFone airtime, but there area couple of tricks to know to get the most bang for your buck.

If you already know all about how they work, then you can Click here for up-to-date TracFone Promotional Codes that I list on my blog. Otherwise, keep reading for some great tips on how to maximize your savings.

First, you can click here to check the TracFone website to see if they are running any phone + airtime special sales. Often they do this when they need to sell off a model they are about to discontinue, and sometimes the combo deal gives you a better deal on the airtime than buying the airtime by itself. It’s worth a shot to check.

Remember that the combo deals typically ship the phone with a separate airtime card inside the box. The airtime is not already added to the phone, which means that you can add the airtime to the new phone or to any other Tracfone. Either way, if there are any promotional codes active for the denomination of airtime card that comes with the phone, you can apply the code when you add the airtime card and get the free minutes.

If you decide to add the airtime to your existing TracFone, then you can still activate the new phone and use up the 20 free minutes that come with any new or refurbished TracFone. Then you can either recycle, donate, or sell the phone.

Note that if you are planning on selling the phone on ebay, it’s probably better to not activate it first because people expect to get the 20 free minutes for themselves. Selling the phone is more hassle, but it’s a way to effectively get your airtime cheaper.

OK, so let’s assume that none of the TracFone special offers appeal to you at the moment, and you want to simply get free TracFone airtime when redeeming an airtime code. That’s where TracFone promotional codes come in.

Read This Before Using Any TracFone Promotional Codes!

If you’re planning on using a TracFone promotional code when adding airtime, always add the airtime through the TracFone website, not directly on the phone.

As of this writing, you can enter your airtime through the website by looking for the ‘Want to use the WEB’ link that is on the page that comes up after you enter the serial number for your phone when redeeming airtime. Don’t follow the instructions for adding the airtime using Rapid Refill, but use the web instead.

You can click here to bring up the airtime page on the TracFone website in a new window.

This is important because if you add the airtime directly on your phone and you typo the promotional code, or it has expired, or for whatever reason is invalid, the airtime gets added to your phone without the free airtime from the promo code. There’s no second chance!

If you add the airtime through the TracFone website, however, it will give you error for an invalid promotional code without adding the airtime to phone. This means that you do get a second (or third or fourth, etc.) chance to fix the promotional code or try another one.

That way you can try older promotional codes just to see if they still work. Some codes that you find don’t really have a specific expiration date, so you’re not quite sure if they’re still valid, but you want to try it anyway. It’s also worth trying codes that are past they’re expiration date, because sometimes they still work!

One gotcha though, is that after you've tried 2 TracFone promotional codes that don't work, you will want to close your browser and reopen it before trying more. Otherwise, if the 3rd one is invalid also, their system will simply add the airtime to your phone without applying any bonus airtime at all. The 3rd time is definitely NOT the charm in this case!

If the airtime does get added to your phone without a promo code, you can call TracFone's customer service and explain what happened. If you have a valid promo code for the airtime denomination that you added, they will usually go ahead and add the bonus airtime for you. They won't give you a promo code if you don't have one, but they'll at least try to add a code that you provide to them.

I have a tutorial on how to buy and add TracFone airtime minutes to your phone online if you're not sure how the process works.

In general, once you use a promotional code when adding airtime to a given TracFone, that code won’t work again on that phone. But again, there are always exceptions to the rule, so it doesn’t hurt to try.

Where to find TracFone Promotional Codes

I do my best to keep up with TracFone promo codes on my blog, but there are undoubtedly other codes floating around out there. It’s hard for any one website to be the absolute resource for all the codes, so if you don’t find one that fits your needs on my site, simply google TracFone promo codes to find other sites that list the codes.

Just remember use the web, not the Rapid Refill, when adding your airtime in case your promotional code doesn’t work! You can click here to bring up the airtime page on the TracFone website in a new window so that it will be there for you when you find a code to try.

Happy Savings!