Changing Your TracFone Local Calling Area


"I might be moving to Fort Kent or Presque Isle (near Fort Kent) Maine in the summer. Right now I live in Brattleboro VT. I noticed both places get coverage with trac fone. I am wondering if I buy a phone now, can I change what is my local area, when I move?"


If you move, you can change your TracFone local area to match your new location. Here is what I found on under the "questions" link along the left-hand side:

" Q. What should I do if I move to another city and need to change to a new local number?"

"A. If relocating to a new home area in the United States, simply call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-867-7183. You will be reassigned a new local wireless phone number. In some cases, your handset may need to be exchanged in order to be compatible with the digital technology in your new home area. The changing of local numbers is limited to four times in a given year."

If you do have to exchange your phone, you will have to mail it in, at your expense, to their warehouse, and they will ship you a new one. If you ask, however, they should give you 30 minutes of free airtime to help compensate for your shipping expense.

If you press the issue, you might even get them to mail a prepaid shipping label to use to send your phone back to them. And if you're really bold, you can try to have them ship you a new phone first, and then you ship them back the old phone.

That would be nice so that you're not without a phone for a couple of weeks, and I have actually heard of TracFone doing that before, but I wouldn't necessarily count on it!

The important this is that, yes, you can change your local calling area if you move.

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