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"Hi Keith-

Your web site is very informative! I am considering switching from Nextel (at $50/mon) to tracphone. My main concern is coverage. We live in the boonies-on the eastern shore of maryland. also, i would want to know if it covers "out on the water" ie:in and around the chesapeake bay. any insight on these questions?

Many thanks-


TracFone doesn't actually own any cellular towers, they just lease cell phone numbers from local cellular providers all over the country. Therefore, your local coverage should be identical to whichever local carrier they are leasing from in your area.

The best way I know of to find out who the local carrier is in your area would be to contact TracFone customer service to find out for sure.

Once you knew which local carrier handles the TracFone numbers, you could ask around and see if any of your friends are using that carrier and how well they seem to cover your area.

Unlike some prepaid cellular plans, however, even when you get out of your local coverage area, you can still get service in roaming mode. The only difference is that your minutes get deducted twice as fast in roaming mode.

To give you a decent idea of the local and roaming coverage areas, TracFone does have coverage maps on their website.

You can get to them by going to and clicking on the "coverage maps" link on the left-hand side.

TracFone claims to cover just about everywhere where cellular service is available, and I have rarely heard of people having trouble with getting reception.

When they do, it is usually in an area where nobody could get reception because no cellular company has coverage in that area. So if there's any service at all available in your area, the chances are pretty good that your TracFone is going to work.

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