Do I Have to Use a TracFone Airtime Card?


"I am looking to buy a trac phone. One question I have is Can you use any type of prepaid calling card, or do you have to use certain ones with certain phones?

Thanks **************************************** Mary"


You have to use a TracFone airtime card to add prepaid cellular minutes to TracFones. You can't, for instance, buy a Virgin Mobile prepaid airtime cards and try to redeem the airtime codes on a TracFone. It just won't work because they are totally separate companies.

Prepaid cellular plans work a little differently from prepaid long distance. When you buy a prepaid long distance card, it will work on any landline phone because all landline phones are connected to the same network.

Cellular providers are not necessarily all on the same network, however, so you have to use a prepaid wireless airtime card with it's specific company. For instance, Virgin Mobile leases airtime from Sprint, while TracFone leases airtime from Verizon, Cingular, Alltel, and others.

As far as I know, there are no generic "walmart" types of prepaid celluar cards that will add minutes to different types of prepaid cell phones from different companies, although it would be nice!

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