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While there are not as many LG TracFone models available as Motorola TracFone models, the LG models that are available tend to have a rich feature set. Rich for a TracFone, that is.

Of course, those features are what you are here to learn about, and this page is where I post links to all of my TracFone LG phone reviews.

With that in mind, I'll stop talking and let you get going on your research!

TracFone LG600 TracFone LG600

Check out my LG TracFone LG600 review to get the scoop on this flip phone with a camera and bluetooth.

TracFone LG 225 TracFone LG 225

Check out my TracFone LG 225 review to read up on the pros and cons of this camera flip phone.

I hope that you find these reviews helpful as you try to decide which phone is right for you.

Happy researching!