How To Get Free TracFone Units

It's not that hard to get free TracFone units – also known as minutes. Here are some tips:

  • Receive 10 free units just for activating your new TracFone. And, if you activate your phone online – instead of calling their toll-free number – you receive an additional 10 free units. It’s a quick, easy, and free 20 units to get you started!
  • Visit the TracFone online store, where you’ll find a variety of deals and specials – including free phones with the purchase of an airtime unit card. The card and phone are shipped in the same box, but the airtime card is separate from the phone. This enables you to use the card on your existing phone. If you choose to activate the new, free phone that came with the card, you’ll receive the 20 free airtime units with activation. Then you can call customer service transfer those units to your existing phone, or just use up those minutes by making calls with the new phone.
  • Access various promotional codes for free TracFone units and/or service time when redeeming an airtime unit card. These promo codes change on a regular basis, so stay up-to-date by watching my TracFone blog Or, sign up for my TracFone newsletter to receive e-mail notifications regarding promo code updates.
  • Using these tips may take a little extra of time, but the savings in cost to you are well worth it. And remember – in order to get free TracFone units, you need to use TracFone airtime cards. Prepaid airtime cards from other cellular providers will not work with your TracFone.

    I sometimes get asked what's the difference between airtime units and airtime minutes. It goes back to the day before TracFone introduced the single rate phones when all of their phones had a local calling area and a roaming calling area.

    The airtime was added to your phone as units, and you were charged one unit per minute of talk time when you were in your local area. You were charged two units per minute of talk time when you were roaming.

    Nowadays, most of their phones are single-rate, which charge one unit per minute of talk time no matter where you are across the country. Thus, the concept of units vs. minutes isn't as important anymore.

    I hope that helps clear it up, but more importantly, I hope these tips help you get some free TracFone units!

    Find TracFone phones and phone/airtime bundles available in your area by visiting the TracFone online store and entering your zipcode.