How to Get Free TracFone Minutes

The best time get some free TracFone minutes is when you are activating your new phone. There are a couple of ways to go about it.

First, one nice little feature is that you get 10 free airtime minutes just for activating the phone, and then you get another 10 free minutes on top of that for activating on the internet instead of calling their 800 number.

That's a quick and easy 20 minutes of airtime to get you started, so be sure to activate your new phone on their website!

Even if you already own a TracFone, you can use that 20 free airtime to your advantage by looking for special offers on phones with airtime cards on the TracFone online store.

They are almost always running some sort of special where you get a free phone with the purchase of an airtime card, and these specials are sometimes a better deal on airtime than buying an airtime card on its own.

They send the airtime cards separate from the phones, so you can use the card (or cards) on your existing phone, then activate the new phone and get the 20 free minutes, then call customer service and have them transfer the minutes to your old phone. They rotate their special offers, and some are better than others, but it's always worth a moment to check the TracFone online store just too see!

Also, TracFone typically has promo codes that you can use to get extra minutes and/or service time when redeeming an airtime card. These promo codes come and go, and I try to keep up with them on the TracFone promo codes section of my blog.

NOTE - TracFone has discontinued the refer-a-friend program for now. They say they are improving it, but no word yet on when it will be reinstated.

If you really want to rack up the free TracFone minutes when you activate your phone, then take advantage of TracFone's refer-a-friend program.

The basic idea of how it works is that if you have a current TracFone owner refer you to TracFone, then you and your friend will both get 100 FREE minutes after you activate your phone!

This only works for new or refurbished TracFones that have not been activated. It doesn't matter so much when you buy the phone, just don't activate it before receiving the refer-a-friend email from TracFone!

You do, however, need to activate your phone before the ending date in the email, which is 30 days from when it is sent. But even if you don't for some reason, there nothing stopping you from having your friend send you a new email.

Basically, the refer-a-friend email from TracFone will tell you to do 3 steps: Buy the phone, activate the phone, and click on a link in the email to submit info about your phone.

After completing step 3 in the referral process, you and the person who referred you will each receive an email from TracFone with an airtime code for the free TracFone minutes. It takes a day or two for the email to arrive, and you redeem the airtime just the same as you would a normal airtime code from the back of an airtime card you buy in a store.

These referral minutes will also extend your activation due date 60 days like normal, but they don't seem to qualify for any of the special promotions such as the double-minute plan.

This is a great offer from TracFone that no other prepaid cellular provider offers (that I know of anyway), and it is often a deiciding factor that makes people choose TracFone.

NOTE - TracFone has discontinued the refer-a-friend program for now. They say they are improving it, but no word yet on when it will be reinstated.

Of course, If you know someone else who is already using the TracFone service, you could always have them get on the TracFone website and send you the refer-a-friend email instead.

If you are buying two phones (maybe one for you and one for your spouse), activate one of them first using a referral from me (or someone else), and then send yourself a refer-a-friend email to use to activate the 2nd phone.

That way you will get extra free minutes for both phones. What a deal! The only gotcha there is thatyou have to use different email addresses for the referrer and the referree when sending yourself the referral.

Once you are ready to buy the phone, The TracFone refer-a-friend program is really a no-brainer: you have to activate your phone anyway, so you might as well get some free TracFone airtime minutes while doing it!

NOTE - TracFone has discontinued the refer-a-friend program for now. They say they are improving it, but no word yet on when it will be reinstated.

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