Do I Have to Use TracFone Phones With The TracFone Service?


"Hi Keith, my question to you is can I use tracfone units with a cell phone that I currently own? In November my contract with verizon expires and I am considering not renewing and trying tracfone minutes for both myself and my daughters cell phones. Thanks for your time, Belinda"


Unfortunately, since TracFone phones have special programming in them to show your remaining airtime and activation due date right on the screen on the phone, you have to use a TracFone phone with the TraFone service.

The ability to show that data on the phone is very handy, however, and is one of the features that makes TracFones different from other prepaid wireless phones. With most prepaid plans, you have to call a special number to find out how many prepaid minutes you have left and when they expire.

I suppose you might be able to send your old phone in to TracFone and have them reprogram it for you, but they don't really advertise that at something they are willing to do. It might just depend on which customer service rep you got ahold of, so it may be worth a call just to find out. 1-800-867-7183.

Another thing to consider is that TracFone quite often runs a special where you can get a refurbished phone along with an airtime card for the price of the airtime card alone, so you are essentialy getting a used phone for free that is already programmed for TracFone.

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